The activity of dinghy rental is based in Palau, in Gallura, in the immediate vicinity of the Costa Smeralda and above all the access port for the arcipelago di La Maddalena.

A few minutes of navigation you will find unique places, blue and emerald green waters, breathtaking coves where you can spend pleasant days of sunshine, fun and relaxation.

The best recommended itinerary is Spargi, Budelli, the Piscine Naturali between Razzoli, Budelli and Santa Maria.
Probably the most beautiful sea in the world.

With west wind we recommend the coves on the east side such as Spargi and the area of ​​the Natural Pools between Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria.

With a particularly strong west wind we recommend stopping between La Maddalena and Caprera close to La Maddalena.

With east wind we recommend the Caprera area, between La Maddalena and Caprera near Caprera or, alternatively, the lower part of Spargi and the Natural Pools.

The west side of La Maddalena is not recommended as it has rocky and treacherous coasts.

To find out more, you can consult the official portal of National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena.

Spalmatore, La Maddalena


Founded in 1770, it overlooks Palau and can only be reached by sea. Internationally famous for its enchanting and unique landscapes, crystal clear waters and pristine Mediterranean scrub.

Not to be missed:

  • The historic center, very particular and suggestive;
  • The beaches;
  • Port of Cala gavetta;
  • The Church of Santa Maria Maddalena;
  • All the major islands that are part of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park.

The Island of Caprera

Part of the archipelago, it is the second largest island with an area of ​​about 16 square km. It is connected to La Maddalena through the Passo della Moneta, the bridge-dam of about 600 meters built after the landing of Garibaldi.

Dominated by unspoiled and wild nature, it is the perfect island for lovers of the sea and excursions.

To be seen:

Cala Andreani with its incredibly transparent waters and very fine sand.

Cala Caprese, characterized by crystal clear water with a shallow and sandy bottom. Reachable only on foot.

Cala Napoletana with an enchanting landscape and vegetation.

Beach of the wreck, one of the most famous places in Caprera and the entire archipelago. Fine white sand, crystalline sea that varies from blue to emerald green. The wreck of a boat that beached in 1955 reigns supreme.

Spiaggia Portese or Spiaggia dei due Mari, two beaches separated by the sea, one with amber sand and the other with very white sand. Perfect place for families, with a shallow and sandy bottom.

Spiaggia del Relitto a Caprera
Razzoli La Maddalena


It is the fifth island, in order of size, of the La Maddalena Archipelago.

Located north of Budelli, almost on the border with Corsica, it has a jagged coastline and numerous beaches such as Cala Cappello, particularly sheltered from the wind, with crystalline sea and a shallow and sandy bottom.

The beach can only be reached by sea.

Santa Maria

The closest to the Strait of Bonifacio, it is the northernmost island of the islands that make up the La Maddalena Archipelago.

It has an area of 2 square kilometers and a coastline of ten kilometers. It is the only one, among the islands that make up the archipelago, always inhabited.

It can be reached both from the port of La Maddalena and from Palau. It is the flattest, the highest point is Guardia del Turco.

Santa Maria is connected to Razzoli thanks to the Passo degli Asinelli, a strip of sand submerged by a few centimeters of water that can be covered on foot.

Isola di Santa Maria, La Maddalena
Isola di Santo Stefano


It is the fourth largest island, dominated by white and pink granites covered by pristine Mediterranean scrub.

Traces dating back to the Neolithic and Middle Ages have been discovered on the island.

The beaches that we find in Santo Stefano are the Spiaggia del Pesce, Cala Villamarina, Punta Santo Stefano beach and Cala Levante, the latter overlooking the coast of Palau.


It is the third largest island of the archipelago, accessible only by sea with private boats or with our inflatable boats for hire departing from Palau.

Among the most beautiful beaches:
Cala Corsara, Cala Granara, Cala Ciaccaro, Cala Conneri or Cala dell’Amore.

The island of Spargi has a harsh nature and the hinterland is difficult to reach. It has a circular shape with few coves and several sandy bays .

One of the biggest attractions is the Washington Shoal .

Gommoni a Spari
Budelli, la spiaggia rosa


It is the pearl of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, an enchantment.

Turquoise water and pink beach, certainly among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

The sixth largest island with 12 kilometers of coastline and 25 hectares of land.

Adorned by dense vegetation, Budelli can only be reached by turning to guided tours and authorized boat rental departing from the Costa Smeralda, Santa Teresa Gallura and Palau.